Dispatch + Fleet: 6 Key Benefits of Perfect Combination

Fleet management is only for enterprises: WRONG

Here are the 6 key benefits you can leverage for any size of business today.

1.Increase Customer Satisfaction

Meet expectations with more efficient response times. Quickly dispatch the nearest employee to respond to a job to help improve response times and increase customer satisfaction.

2.Lower Labor Costs

Lower labor costs by changing driver habits and helping improve productivity. Improve your dispatching operations, optimize travel times and manage vehicle usage to help minimize drivers’ time behind the wheel and reduce overtime costs.

3.Reduce Fuel Consumption

Keep fuel costs under control by helping optimize vehicle performance and reduce unnecessary drive times.
Monitor each vehicle’s speed, idle time and additional information across your entire fleet to measure overall fuel usage and find new ways to control fuel consumption and reduce costs.

4.Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Find and dispatch the closest employee to new jobs to help reduce travel time and mileage.

5.Save Money

Find wasted time and dollars hidden in your vehicles and driver operations.Lower insurance premiums, decrease the number of speeding tickets, service vehicles before problems grow.

6.Avoid Unwanted Maintenance Fees

Avoid unnecessary breakdowns and stay on top of potential maintenance issues.
Help control repair costs and minimize breakdowns by receiving near real-time maintenance alerts, including diagnostics codes and engine status, from each vehicle in your fleet.

These 6 key elements are now easily accessible by all size of businesses. You can now build and manage your own fleet and have all these awesome benefits applied to your business, without investing thousands of dollars in.

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