Important Update: Private Tasks and more

Last week we’ve rolled out some improvements and major updates on Dooing.

Private Tasks:

One of the major update is on task privacy. From now on the agent type users can only access to the tasks they are assigned in or has no assignee. In this way your employees will not be able to access each other’s jobs.

Task Route:

Now you can see the route taken to the job, help your team improve the arrival times.


Real-time Tracking:

You’ll notice some visual and performance improvements on real-time user tracking. Simply click on a user to track on TEAM list. You can also track users by typing their name on MAP at Dooing iPhone or Android app


Location History:

You can now see where were your users between specific times, go back in time and see the paths they’ve taken. Simply click on a user under TEAM section and click Location History.
This feature can only be used by Managers and Team Leaders.



More Languages:

We know that localisation is important for your team’s success. You can now use Dooing in 4 languages; English, Spanish, Turkish and Russian. More language options on the way.


This update is available on Dooing web app and soon will be available on both iPhone and Android apps as well.


Just in case you missed the previous announcement:

Fleet Intelligence

Now Dooing customers can connect their fleet to the grid with Mojio, gaining unparalleled insights into what’s happening under the hood and behind the wheel. Narrow down on actual cost per job with fuel consumption data, prevent breakdowns with diagnostics, and track entire fleets in real time.


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