Basics of Dooing

Dooing is a new management tool for any kind of business who has employees on the field or mobile teams. It helps you save time to keep track of your location based jobs, improves the communication between team members and headquarters, move people across any location.

Simply you create a task/job and set a location on map or address, Dooing locates the nearest and available employee to be dispatched. You don’t need to call for each employee to get status updates or dispatch jobs anymore.

Mobile App

Dooing mobile app needs to be installed and running on each team member’s smartphone to track their location and dispatch jobs. Users can accept, reject, en-route or complete a job, send instant messages or photos from field. Team leaders and managers will be notified on each action, including arrival.

For iPhone:

For Android:

Web App

Dooing web application gives you the ability to keep track of your business, dispatch jobs and get status updates. You can also build your own fleet to keep track of your vehicles and drivers’ performance.


Dooing API is available for developers who wants to integrate Dooing with their existing workflows. CRM, ERP, Invoicing, etc. Startups who wants to build their own on-demand service businesses can leverage the Dooing API.

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