How to setup my Mojio fleet

Step 1: Plug the device in

  1. Locate the on-board diagnostic port (OBD-II port) in your car.
    All cars made since 1996 have an OBD-II port in them. It is usually located under the dash, on the driver’s side, within 18 inches of the steering wheel. It might have a plastic cap that must be removed. If not, it could be on the central console under a cover. If you cannot locate your car’s port, you can check your car manual, search online or contact us for help.
  2. Make sure to align the shape of the Mojio device with the shape of the OBD port.
  3. Firmly insert the Mojio dongle into the OBD port. It should fit snugly and stay firmly connected. You’ll notice a subtle orange LED light begin to blink as the device attempts to connect to the cellular network and obtain a GPS lock. Please note that the first successful connection to our platform could take as long as 10 minutes.  omdport-150x150

Quick Tip: install the Mojio device above ground, not in an underground parking lot. Just drive as you normally would. Please remember to not unplug the device for the first 24 hours as it will be updating its firmware to the latest version. Depending on your specific circumstances, updating may take several hours.

Step 2: Create a Mojio account

Please click and fill out the Sign Up form to create your free Mojio account. If you already have an account, simply log in with your existing username and password.

Step 3: Register Your Devices

Once you’ve successfully logged in to the Mojio, you need to add your devices at My Mojio Devices section at the My Account or here :
Every Mojio device has a unique 15-digit code associated with it. You’ll find this code on your device and also on a sticker inside the Mojio packaging. Once you’ve entered that code, your devices will now be associated with your Mojio account.


Step 4: Integrate with Dooing

  1. Simply login to your Dooing account at and navigate to Vehicles section or
  2. Click on the “Connect With Your Mojio Account” button, you will be redirected to Mojio Authorisation page.
  3. Authorise Dooing to access your Mojio Account.
  4. All that’s left to do is take your newly connected cars for a drive!

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