Your vehicles, just smarter with T-Mobile SyncUP Drive

Today we are calling you to say goodbye to the outdated and overpriced telematics.

With the evolution of Mojio Connected Car Platform and the announcement of T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE, Dooing Fleet also evolved as the smartest, most flexible and easiest way to manage your vehicle operations.

Try new, improved Dooing Fleet today.

  • Find wasted time and money hidden in your vehicles and driver operations.
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Decrease the number of speeding tickets
  • Service vehicles before problems grow
  • Help control repair costs and minimize breakdowns by receiving near real-time maintenance alerts, including diagnostics codes and engine status, from each vehicle in your fleet.

All these awesome benefits applied to your business, without investing thousands of dollars in.

For a limited time promotional offer, Dooing Fleet add-on is available to use for free with a Dooing Subscription.

T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE or any other Mojio Compatible hardware owners, click here to sign up and get started with Dooing Fleet.

T‑MOBILE SyncUP DRIVE is a trademark of T-Mobile USA, Inc. Dooing Fleet is a T‑MOBILE SyncUP DRIVE compatible fleet management software provided by Dooing, Inc. and it does not cover any sim card, data charges or any other charges related to the carrier services. Dooing Fleet may require additional subscriptions over 20 vehicles.